The Murph goes to Alum Creek Dog Park Beach

This 4th of July, it was a hot afternoon and seemed to be a good day to take The Murph to Alum Creek Dog Park Beach. It was very busy with dogs enjoying time in the two fenced areas as well as the enclosed beach area. Murph doesn’t play nice with others, so we stayed outside the off-leash fenced areas. The beach area is better for the big guys because of depth of strong waves.

I took a video of the big guys having a great time in the water. I suspect lots of naps were taken on the ride home … after the towel-off before getting in the car. Nothing quite like the smell of a wet dog! Ew-w-w-w.

Murph went in up to his knees, which means he didn’t go very far. The waves were just a bit much for him. When your legs are only 3″ long, it’s a problem.

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