OMG, why cant U spel? RU stoopid or jus lazee?

dictionaryWhat is your opinion of a person who consistently misspells words? Especially in today’s world where spellcheck is so readily available.

Realtors® seem to be spelling-challenged. Whether it’s in the MLS descriptions of their listing, on Twitter, Facebook or their blogs. They misuse your when they mean you’re. Many have trouble with there, their and they’re. Of course, spellcheck doesn’t help with those words, since they need a grammar check.

Sometimes we may have trouble with commonly used words that use two of the same letters. I personally have to be careful with necessary to remember that it’s two s’s not two c’s. One word that I never have trouble with – thanks to a high school teacher – is occasion. She told us that there is no ass in occasion. I’ve never forgotten that advice since at that time, it was unusual to have a teacher use such language.

It bothers me when I see Realtors® misspell words because it reflects badly on us since we are responsible for adding critical language to the Purchase Contract. If someone is going to be writing a Contract for me, I’d like to be comfortable that they know how to compose a proper sentence, use appropriate punctuation and spell all the words correctly. I’ve seen some agent’s blogs that are just awful.

No doubt, our use of texting and Twitter is encouraging bad behavior. We type quickly and perhaps we have “fat thumbs” issues. However, my Blackberry even has a spellcheck, so there’s no excuse.

So, does it bother you to see people misuse words or punctuation?

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