What makes a good turn-around driveway???

Don't turn around in my drivewayI’ve seen some homes post a “No Turns” sign at the end of their drive and wondered why they object to people using their drive to pull in and turn around to drive the other direction. Sometimes I’m surprised that their drive would be one that people select frequently to use for a turn-around.

I have found over the years, that I have one of those driveways that people choose. I’m not sure why as my home is the 7th home in from the main street and it’s after a curve. Is it because there are no extra cars parked in my drive? There are other homes before mine that often have empty drives, so why mine?

I’ve always been a “people watcher”, intrigued by what makes people do or act the way they do. That may be why I loved my former career as a Marketing Manager. I would go to places like Home Depot or Lowe’s on Saturday mornings to observe customers shopping my product lines to try to determine why they selected certain brands based on the package copy. After they made their selection, I would ask them why they chose one product over the other. It was very interesting.

I do the same thing now at open houses. I like to hear the guests’ perceptions of the home as it can lead to changes I need to have the seller make so their home is more appealing. I once listed a smaller home with around 1500 sq ft, where the stairway was pretty close to the front door. The first time I held it open (during the winter), I noticed that people had to step aside by the stairs in order to be able to shut the entry door. They then commented that the ‘house was too small’. I suggested that the seller have a full-glass storm door installed so the main door didn’t have to be closed (due to the cold temps). Buyers and their agents were able to walk in the door and go directly back the hall to the family room. We got the home in-contract within a week after he installed the door and it only cost him $200.

Maybe I need to stand at the end of my drive and ask the turn-around folks what makes my driveway the most appealing. I’d love to know as I haven’t been able to figure it out. 🙂

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