October is the time to save the ta-tas

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Columbus OH

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By now you probably know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many events are being held to raise money for the cancer research and to promote early detection via mammograms.

I am so fortunate that no one in my immediate family has had breast cancer, but of course, I’ve known women who have. After the age of 40, we’re supposed to have mamograms annually.

I had been a bad girl and went several years without having one. I corrected that in August and went to the Ohio Health facility near Westerville for my appointment. For those who may be hesitant like I was, let me tell you that the equipment is much better now. The technician told me that the new digital imaging means less “compression”, so no soreness or bruising. It was a piece of cake and I was in & out in about 20 minutes. The cost was reasonable even if you don’t have insurance. The bill – before insurance payment – was less than $300.

So if you’re past due for a mammogram, take it from me that it’s easy, so spend the money to have it done. Your ta-ta’s will thank you.

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