These people can “Pump You Up!”

Are your sidewalks uneven? Perhaps sections of your concrete drive are uneven. There’s a relatively simple solution and depending on the scope of the job, it may cost less to repair than you might think. Plus, it can bring you into compliance with city codes.

I recently attended a concrete repair so I could take photos and a video of the work, plus, I wanted to see how the “magic” was done. I was amazed at how much lifting can be achieved. You can see that toward the end of the video where I show the original rise from the sidewalk to the porch vs the rise after they were done. Comfortable stair rises are usually 7-8″.

I chatted with the guys while they were working and learned that …

  • They can’t work once the ground is frozen
  • They can lift basement floors or slabs under homes
  • It can be a more successful repair if the ground is moist because the concrete mix flows better into the underground holes.

The company that did this work is A-1 Concrete Leveling North. Their phone number is 419-864-3698. I think I need to give them a call to fix some areas


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