I’m doing what I tell my sellers to do

When I first meet with sellers prior to listing their home, they ask what they should do to prepare their home to show well to buyers. Many times my answer is for them to replace worn carpet and paint. Scuffs on woodwork may also need to be addressed.

Once in a while the sellers balk at spending the money to do it. They’re hoping the buyer will want to do the work themselves. Not true. Why would a buyer pay a good price for a home that they then have to make improvements that the seller didn’t want to.

When buyers find a home they are interested in, if it needs new carpet or paint, the buyers will usually discount the price far more than the cost of the flooring or paint. It happens all the time. Or they may not even bother to write an offer, because the home needs “too many updates”. There is simply too much inventory for buyers to choose from that they don’t have to settle for a home that needs work.

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to “put my money where my mouth is“. It’s time for ME to get rid of the builder paint and flooring.

  • PAINTER. I called two painters that were recommended by other agents. Only one returned my call, so he’s coming Monday to give me an estimate. I’ve picked the colors and will be using three shades of taupe – light, medium, dark. I don’t mind painting but I want the ceilings done and the ceiling in my great room is over 16 ft high. I don’t have or want to buy a step-ladder that tall plus, I’m not good with heights. 🙂
  • FLOORS.flooring samplesI went to America’s Floor Source for the three types of flooring I want. They offer a discount to Realtors® and our clients. I picked out a cream California berber for the bedrooms and loft. They had a roll that was being discontinued so it was a good price. I had wanted hardwood for the great room – $$$$ – but opted for an engineered wood which means the hardwood is thin, and can’t be sanded. Last, I selected a textured vinyl for the kitchen and my bath.

It was amazingly easy to get everybody scheduled before Christmas. PEOPLE NEED WORK! So I’m doing my part to support local businesses. AND I’ll have a better appreciation for the costs when I tell the sellers to fix up. It’s not cheap but it’s less than what buyers discount the price when the work isn’t done.

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