The painting is done … next week the floors.

Last Saturday I wrote about my plans to update my home in the way I instruct sellers when they’re planning to move. Well, I’m not planning to move, but I desperately needed to replace the original builder-paint and carpet.

I briefly thought about doing the painting myself but after about a half-second decided there was no way I could handle painting a cathedral ceiling. I have a 16-ft extension ladder, but start to feel uneasy about half way up. So I called the pros.

Painting cathedral ceilingThe 3 painters began their work on Wednesday morning – bright & early – at 8:00 AM (zzzzzzzzzzzzz). Ceilings were done first. It pays to have the right equipment. Doesn’t hurt being a tall, strong twenty-something, either. You’d be picking me up off the floor if I had tried this. My arms would have given out after just a few rolls.

painting a stairwallOpposite the high wall is an open staircase. They had a special thingy that fits on stairs so it can hold a ladder to reach the top of the wall along the stairs. The left wall up in my loft/office kind of hangs out in the open and I couldn’t have managed that either without falling down into the Great Room.

Painting a high wallThe real test was in painting the wall at the top of the peak (~16 ft) while painting a straight line. The wall now has two coats and it looks wonderful.

The guys taped, caulked and painted all 9 rooms, 2 halls and ceilings, giving everything two coats and sanding in between coats. Plus, they helped me move the furniture that I couldn’t and helped install replacement blinds. I have a little over 2000 sq ft and they finished mid Friday afternoon. They were WONDERFUL, very efficient and didn’t waste time. I highly recommend them!

The company is Dynamic Painting in Lewis Center. Call them at 614-554-5630. They do both interior and exterior; residential and commercial. They are bonded and insured; rated by Angie’s List and the BBB. Follow them on Twitter @dynamicpainting. Their website is

Mention that you read about them on this blog, and they’ll give you a 10% discount! How’s that for an added benefit to reading my stuff. LOL

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