My Personal Home Makeover Is Done

I’ve had some people ask to see the final results of my own home makeover after having all the painting done, new flooring everywhere, and new furniture in the great room. Well, here are pix.

Great Room

great room

The old carpet was replaced with hardwood. Between the flooring and the furniture, a lot less dust should be generated plus, dog hair can’t stick in the furniture. That all means less work. See there’s a method to my madness.



The wall paint in the kitchen is the darkest of all the rooms. It’s similar to the color of hot chocolate. There is a large double window to keep the room bright during the day. The new vinyl has a flagstone design and is padded which allowed it to be installed over the former builder vinyl without risk of the design of the old floor showing through to the new. It also allowed a cost-savings by not having to tear out the old vinyl.



The wall behind the TV is painted the same color as the kitchen for accent. The hardwood installers still have some finish work to do to add quarter round and transition strips, which were not in stock at the time the work was done.



This is where I really live – my office. New California berber was installed in this room, the stairs, hall and all bedrooms. I used to have file cabinets in this room but moved them to one of the bedrooms during the mess. File cabinets are necessary but ugly.

The cost to do this work probably cost far less than you might think. It certainly cost less than price reductions if I were to have put the home on the market in its prior sad state. Granted it was 3 weeks of mess and a lot of work, but it’s like having a whole new home. I love it!

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