Delaware County (OH) property taxes are about due

Did you receive your Delaware County property tax invoice in the mail this past week? They were sent out and are to be paid by Feb 10, 2011. I just wrote the check and licked the envelope to pay mine.

You’ll only receive the invoice IF you do not have to escrow them with your mortgage payment. Whether or not they are escrowed was determined by your lender at the time you bought the home and is based on how much you put down on the home. (Generally requires 20% or more down payment to avoid escrowing the money).

If your property taxes and home insurance are paid with your mortgage payment and escrowed, then the invoice will be sent to your mortgage holder to be paid from the escrow account. You’ll never see the invoice but do watch on your next statement to make sure the taxes were paid.

There are some interesting details on the invoice that you might want to review.

  • You can see how your tax amount is appropriated to various entities, such as the school district, the library, 911, vocational school, etc.
  • Usually there are reductions to your tax amount, based on whether you are occupying the home or whether you qualify for the Homestead reduction (65 & over).
  • There’s also a special notice that if the taxes aren’t paid within one year from the due date, the property is subject to foreclosure. So better pay them.

If you have any questions, call the Delaware County Treasurer’s office at 740-833-2480. The Treasurer now is Jon Peterson. The office is located on the 1st floor of the Delaware County Services Bldg at 140 N Sandusky St in Delaware.


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