Another home project – ceiling fan installation

I’ve lived in my current home nearly 14 years. I never had a ceiling fan installed even though there was a rough-in for one. After my December makeover, I decided that now was the time.

At the first home I had built, I did the installation. That home also had a 2-story ceiling but the ceiling was flat where the rough-in was. I rented a huge step-ladder, managed to get it home in the sports car I had then, and proceeded to do the installation. For that home I had purchased a Casablanca fan that was heavy. When attached to the extender rod, I couldn’t lift all of it with one hand while making the attachment with the other … and being 14 ft in the air was no thrill either. So I had to go next door to ask my neighbor if I could borrow her husband.

This time I decided to have Lowe’s (Polaris store) do the installation. BTW, I had checked fans at Home Depot but they don’t install higher than 13 ft.

I made a video of the installation. The section of the vid where I speak is hard to see as the light from the windows behind me affected the contrast. Oh well, you don’t need to see me anyway.

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