This ‘n’ That on Groundhog’s Day

Today is Groundhog’s Day. Thank GAWD he didn’t see his shadow so that means we’re to have an early spring. We’ve had a miserable winter since the end of November. Yesterday and today, we’ve been having the HUGE storm that has rolled through most of the Midwest.

The ice and winds have put thousands without electricity. AEP is saying that it may be days for some to have their service restored. With single digit temps forecast, that’s a real danger.

The Murph is a casualty of the ice-encrusted snow. He must have got a hind leg caught in one of his footprints and perhaps twisted a knee. To the Dr we went today. Nothing’s broken but his knee cap is moving so may have a torn ligament. Orders are for pain medication and keep him “quiet” by carrying him up & down stairs or to the outside yard. Now, there is 1-inch of ice on my back deck stairs. I tried to sit down to go down them and immediately slid down each step on my bum to the bottom. Do I really risk ALL my bones to protect a little pea-sized knee cap???? Let’s see … $500 to fix his little knee … $50,000 to fix my body. I don’t think so!

I went to a listing to see if they had electricity. Put one foot on the ground to get out of the car, and down I went again. I think I need to buy those ice cleats that strap on shoes!

On the way home, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. It’s been 3-months now since all these Democrats lost their elections. (Remember, Ohio went back to being a “red state”. ) I’ve been planning to stop to take this photo, but Groundhog’s Day seemed like an appropriate day to finally do it.

Democrats lost big in Nov 2010 in Ohio

Maybe they’re waiting to run again in 2012.

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