Renovating the landscape around my home

One of the best valued fix-ups a homeowner can do to their home is their landscaping. If the home doesn’t have any when you buy it, then plant some as soon as you can … even before you add a deck. That way the plants can be growing – and increasing in value – as you enjoy living in the home. Then when you’re ready to sell, buyers will love the privacy you’ve built into the yard.

When I moved into my home 14 years ago, the only landscaping was the typical junipers under the front windows, a little sand cherry shrub at the corner, and a sapling maple in the front. In the years since, I have worked on doing a section at a time, so many of the plants are maturing and giving a nice privacy screen from the neighbor’s lawns. I try to select plants that provide food, cover and nesting for the birds that I feed. Some of the plants are also providing cover for the chipmunks and Attack Rabbits that have taken up residence in my lawn. I may have carried this nature thing a little too far.

They came … they saw … they stayed!

Last week, it was time to undo the builder’s plants in the front, plus, I had other plants that needed divided and moved to other locations. I use Outdoor Makeovers to do my work, so I called Bruce – the Sales Manager – to tell him I was ready to get rid of the front junipers and the sand cherry that was now a full-grown scrubby tree. We met, I gave him my ideas & budget, then he created a plan based on that. They did all the work last week, so I took before-after photos. I think everything we’ve done over the years is shaping up nicely.

Want to investigate different types of plants? Visit Monrovia‘s website for a great way to search for plants based on growing zones, light, water, etc.

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