Last Shuttle Launch

Today was the last shuttle launch. I’m sad to see the space program end. I remember President Kennedy’s speech. I remember Sputnik and the fear that instilled, since I grew up in the era where we hid under our desks in bomb drills in case the Soviet Union bombed us. I remember watching Walter Cronkite when we first landed on the moon. There was such pride in the USA. And of course, I remember the disbelief we felt when the shuttle exploded and shed tears with President Reagan’s speech.

My daughter’s family lived in Orlando for a number of years. During one of the times I visited them, one of the shuttles was to launch, so we drove over to watch. I’m so glad I got to experience it as watching on TV is NOTHING like being there. Visually it’s the same as TV. What is missing from TV is the sound and the ‘feeling’ of the sound when it hits you.

There was a lake between the launch pad and where we were standing. We could SEE the flames and the lift-off but initially heard nothing. Then we began to hear the sound wave coming across the water toward us. It got louder … and louderand louder … then it finally hit us like a strong wind, but it was sound. My whole body (((((rumbled))))).


For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to ever see a launch, I feel sorry for you as now it will be too late. That’s sad.

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