Maybe I’ve taken planting-for-birds a bit too far

If you read this blog with any frequency, you know that I like animals; that I enjoy feeding the birds; that I have an issue (or rather The Murph does) with the Attack Rabbits; and that I enjoy landscaping to attract the birds. The Landscape Makeover that was recently done seems to have changed the dynamics of the animals that visit.

Rabbits & squirrel in Delaware County, OH

Various quantity of chipmunks began visiting several years ago. The most I’ve seen at one time is 4.  They scamper up the shepherd hook feeder poles to get a cheek-full of oilers, then they bury the seeds. I have sunflowers sprouting all over the place.

Since doing the landscape makeover, 3 squirrels have appeared at the oiler feeder. You can see the tail of one of the squirrels in the photo. They make a mess, but the rabbits, chipmunks and birds help clean it up.

The rabbits have been here for years. I often see 3-4 along with babies sometimes. They have no fear. They lounge on their side with legs outstretched, soaking up the warm sun. AND they chew select plants. The small plants (Gaillardia) in the photo are half the size they were when I bought them for butterflies. I gave up trying to have liriope. They chewed it as if it were lettuce.

coneflowerI recently planted 3 coneflowers for butterflies and this photo shows what the rabbits did to 2 of the plants. The deer-rabbit repellant seems to have protected the 3rd plant so far. It smells so bad that it would repel most anything with a nose. The odor does dissipate in a couple of days.

I also now have 4 crows coming to the front lawn. Not sure why.  The expression on Murph’s face was pretty funny when he first saw these over-sized birds.

Last AND least, I noticed a tiny toad living near the back steps. He’s a keeper.

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