Good News On Central Ohio’s Unemployment Rate

September unemployment rates are out and Central Ohio performed slightly better than the State as a whole. Five of the eight counties in Central Ohio fell in September. Rates FELL in Franklin (7.7%), Fairfield (7.4%), Licking (7.8%), Morrow (8.2%) and Pickway (8.9%). Delaware remained FLAT at 6.3%. Rates ROSE in Madison (8.7%) and Union (7.7%).

The September rate for all of Ohio is 9.1%, but the rate FELL for 73 of the 88 counties. Delaware was one of six counties having a 7% or below rate.

Unemployment & Rates for Central Ohio

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This graph shows the number of unemployed people in Delaware and Union Counties. Between 2000 thru 2008, the rate of unemployed people was at or below 5% which I believe is considered “OK” for the economy. Then in 2009 the rate spiked and increased again in 2010. For Delaware County, even though the rates hovered between 3-4%, the number of unemployed increased but so did the population of Delaware County during those years, as the southern portion of the county grew tremendously.

Employed vs Unemployed for 2010

  • FRANKLIN COUNTY: in 2010, 573,600 were employed, 53,500 were unemployed, 8.5% rate.
  • DELAWARE COUNTY: in 2010, 85,700 were employed, 6,600 were unemployed, 7.1% rate .
  • UNION COUNTY: in 2010, 23,700 were employed, 2,200 were unemployed, 8.4% rate.


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