The Winter That Wasn’t?

Can you believe the “winter” we’re having this year? Last year it got cold the first part of December and didn’t let up until April. We really haven’t had a true winter this year. That’s OK with me.

This afternoon – Feb 2 – I actually saw a landscape crew working. That’s a help for them since those companies haven’t been able to make any money by plowing snow this year. There are other companies, like the ski slopes, that are probably hurting due to the lack of snow and warmer temps that prevent even making snow.

Buckeye Chuck – the Ohio groundhog version to Puxatawny Phil – didn’t see his shadow today so according to the tale, that’s supposed to mean an early spring for Ohio.

Last summer when I had to have a new AC unit installed, I also had them do a new, more efficient furnace. While the heat coming from the registers is much warmer, I don’t really know how much I’m saving due to its efficiency. So far, I’ve spent $90 less for the three months but that could just be due to the warmer temps.

I just hope our lack of winter so far doesn’t mean that winter will arrive in March, as it sometimes does.

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