Vote Murph for President 2012

I’ve finally decided to endorse a candidate for President 2012. The current four candidates are severely flawed so I support the third party candidate from The Kibble Party.

Vote Murph for President 2012

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I’ve interviewed him personally and here’s what I learned:

  • He was born in the USA and has actual papers to prove it.
  • He’s not going to change the U.S. Constitution because he doesn’t even know what it is.
  • He’s been neutered so he doesn’t care about birth control. Believes you’re free to do your own thing.
  • He’s not going to tell you which vet or medical plan you must use.
  • He supports a ban on toys and food made in China, especially those made for dogs and cats.
  • He’s a strong supporter of freedom … free to sleep on the couch or bed; free to take long naps; free to chase rabbits or cats; free to eat human food.
  • Regarding foreign policy, the only bombs he has are laying in the backyard.
  • Only blames his parents for his “short-comings”. Won’t blame everyone else when he gets in trouble.


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