Ohio Adds Most Jobs In Nation

EmploymentFebruary was another good month for Ohio’s unemployment rate.¹ The rate was 7.6% which is down from 7.7% in January. In Feb 2011, just after Gov Kasich was inaugurated the rate was 8.9%, so we’re doing well.

  • Workers unemployed in Feb: 443,000
  • Workers unemployed in Jan: 447,000
  • Workers unemployed 12 mos ago: 517,000

Ohio’s employment rose by 28,300 people in February.² That meant that Ohio added the most jobs in the Nation! (Texas was 2nd with 27,900 new people employed.)

  • Workers employed in Feb: 5,147,600
  • Workers employed in Jan: 5,119,300

¹ Ohio Unemployment Rate

² Ohio Added Most Jobs Nationally

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