UGH … Columbus is still a cow-town

black angus calfMany years ago, Columbus became the butt of jokes when a photo of cattle at the OSU farms included the downtown skyscrapers in the near distance. Thus, Columbus became the “cow-town”. It took decades to lose that moniker.

Yesterday’s news may renew our dubious reputation. The story was just too funny, although it ended sadly.

A 650-lb Black Angus bull calf escaped from the McDonald Farm in Grove City, just south of downtown. It was spotted in several locations, including a Burger King restaurant.

Twitter feeds from local news reporters included “Not a Joke” in their tweets. Sadly during the night the calf was struck and killed by a semi truck along I-71 near Hoover Rd. Well, at least it wasn’t near “Frank” Rd which is near GC.

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