Ohio is Outshining Other States

Ohio’s unemployment drops for the 10th straight month.  Unemployment rate dropped for May, going from 7.4% in April to 7.3% in May. That compares quite favorably to the 9.2% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

The May numbers as being reported by local media are:

  • Ohio unemployment rate: 7.3% for May 2012; 7.4% for Apr 2012; 8.8% for May 2011.
  • U.S. unemployment rate: 8.2% for May 2012; 8.1% for Apr 2012; 9.0% for May 2011.
  • Ohio unemployed: 426,000 for May 2012; 431,000 for Apr 2012; 512,000 for May 2011.
  • Ohio employed: 5,158,900 for May 2012; 5,139,300 for Apr 2012.

According to one report (not verified) Ohio created 28% of all jobs created in U.S. in May. That’s quite outstanding if it’s true.

If you like to look at lots of numbers and charted graphs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has historical graphs for each State. Click here for Ohio’s graphs.

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