Romney – Ryan Rally in Powell

In August, the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign came to Powell for an early morning rally. Having never been to a political rally, I decided this would be a good time to check-off a bucket list item and perhaps see the next President.

We were to start arriving at 6:30 am. The event was to start at 8:30 am. I parked at the Kroger store where there were buses to take us to the Village Green. Then we got into four long lines to go thru security and metal detectors. Reports said that 5,000 or so went through these detectors.

We then were herded into a “bowl” that has been made at the Green for events such as this. I managed to get about 15-20 ft from the stage, but unfortunately I was behind some 6-ft tall guys. As you’ll see in the video, I had to hold my camera high and thus, couldn’t see what I was shooting. I apologize if you get tired of viewing the back of people’s heads. Hopefully, I’ll grow a little taller before attending another such event. 🙂

There was a lot of crowd enthusiasm but that would be expected given Powell’s demographics – lots of entrepreneurs and mid-upper management executives. Powell also has a lot of small businesses, especially in the old downtown area.

I had a lot of fun – even if I was squished by the crowd although the 4 hours of standing was a bit much.

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