Nasty Critters – Chinchbugs

Many homeowners in southern Delaware County had spotty-looking lawns this summer. The very hot, dry weather was perfect for the chinch bugs to come out. They quietly chewed away while we were thinking the lawn just needed rain. Well the rains came and we ended up with polka-dot lawns.

I use Scotts Lawn Service so when they came out for a treatment, I asked the technician what my problem was. CHINCH BUGS! I had not had an insect treatment done due to low-rider Murph. Don’t want him exposed to the insecticide if I can prevent it. So now I have to repair all the dead grass in my lawn.

I have “connections” at Terra Horticulture, so they aerated my lawn. (See my daughter)

I applied fertilizer on Sunday, and will be sowing the grass seed soon when we’re to have some rain so I can avoid a high water bill. I used Scotts® Green Max based on the suggestion of a Scotts friend. We’ll see if his suggestion works. I’ll post pix when all this works and my lawn is a gorgeous dark green.

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