An Update On Chinch Bug Lawn Repair

In September I wrote about the chinch bug damage that I had in my lawn. The critters did a lot of damage throughout my neighborhood. As they suck out the juices of the grass plant, they inject a toxin that kills the plant so if the damage is to large areas, re-seeding is required. Some neighbors had their entire front lawn demolished.

I hired Terra Horticulture* to aerate the lawn prior to the final September weed & feed application from Scotts Lawn Service. I seeded the areas that were “larger than a dinner plate” knowing that the areas smaller than that would eventually fill in with the bluegrass rhizomes. Then in mid-October I applied Scotts® Green Max which contains iron to give an extra green boost to the grass.

Here’s a “before & after” photo of a section of the back yard that was damaged.

Chinch Bug Repair

This section of the front lawn didn’t sustain as much damage, but it has responded nicely to the Green Max fertilizer. These photos were taken about a month ago.
Front lawn fall 2012

With the continued rains during November and frequent leaf raking, my lawn is now going into winter looking really good considering how bad it looked in August.

* Later I also had Terra edge the beds, prune the ornamental grasses and add mulch. Let THEM do the back-breaking work!

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