Dr Carson Wows The Country!

If you only watch the three-networks or MSNBC or CNN, you may not have heard about the fantastic speech given by Dr. Benjamin Carson at this past week’s National Prayer Breakfast. It’s all the discussion on Twitter, Facebook and Fox News, as people spread the word about this fantastic speaker. Dr.Carson has extensive credentials, but is a well-known pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins hospital. After people saw the video of his recent speech, they are wishing HE were the President. I expect we’ll be seeing the good Dr. a lot more in the future.

Although the video is 27 minutes long, it’s well worth watching. He has several common sense solutions for the problems America is currently experiencing.

Some people said his speech was a smack down to Obama, who is sitting nearby. Judging by Obama’s facial expressions and body language, it’s obvious that he didn’t care much for the speech. Too bad he doesn’t incorporate Dr. Carson’s solutions. We’d be much better off as a country.


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