Ohio and Gov Kasich Are Getting It Right

Gov Kasich gave the State of the State speech last night. I actually enjoy listening to his “big” speeches because he’s so enthusiastic toward Ohio. He’s a real champion for the state and has made quite a few improvements during his two years in office. What I most admire about the Gov is his willingness to praise the people when they work together in a bipartisan manner for the benefit of the state and citizens.

Past 2 Year Results

  • #1 in job creation in the Midwest
  • #6 in job creation in the U.S.
  • Went from 89¢ in rainy day fund to $1.9 billion with a balanced budget
  • Improved Ohio’s credit rating
  • Eliminated the Death Tax to benefit Ohio farmer families

He attended the economic meeting in Devos, Switzerland and other leaders sought him out to discuss Ohio’s success. They wanted to know exactly what he was doing. He said it was exciting to learn that other people are noticing Ohio’s attractiveness to businesses and industry.

Future Plans

  • 50% tax cut to small businesses who are responsible for 50% of the jobs
  • Personal income tax cut by 20%
  • Sales tax cut from 5½% to 5%, but more items/services would be subject to state taxes.
  • Many suggested changes to the education system

Watch the Speech



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