Who is controlling our America?

2012 election results by county

Do you see all that red area? Those are the counties that voted for the Republicans in the 2012 election*. The east and west coast people refer to us as “fly-over country”. They view us as inconsequential hayseeds. Even Obama made fun of us, saying we only cling to our Bibles and guns.

So where is the media? New York, DC and California where there are lots of blue liberal counties. Now think about the issues being currently discussed in DC and covered by the Donkey Media channels. Do you think they’re in touch with the majority of Americans?

Discussions on guns are the most telling as they only consider gun usage in the inner city where people are in close density and there is a big problem with gangs. They have no concept of why a farmer might need a obama skeetgun when he’s on a 1,000 acre ranch. Even the photo-op of Obama shooting skeet showed them to be clueless unless he was planning on shooting the ‘puller’.

DC is spending our hard-earned tax dollars willy-nilly, saying they can’t afford to make any spending cuts, but rather want even more of our money. Is there ANY family in the heartland that couldn’t find LOTS of places to cut spending without causing any harm. We know how to balance budgets because we do it with our own households. It’s not hard. HINT: you don’t spend more than you have.

Don’t you just love it when some Hollywood dufus tells YOU how to live, what to drive and how you should light & heat your home, then proceeds to get in their private jet to go one of several of their homes? Oh sure, I’m going to have those solar panels installed just as soon as Ohio gets more than 50% of available sunlight!

I really get angry when I hear a politician in DC or a TV talking head in NYC say “most Americans agree … “. They don’t have a clue what the heartland Americans want. It’s even been said that the reason NBC is planning to replace Jay Leno is that Jay’s audience comes from middle America. They want someone “cooler” that appeals to the coastal audience. We’re not considered cool, therefore, we don’t count. This could be the reason NBC is ranked 5th in viewership.

I’m really troubled that the heartland is being forced to live according to how the liberal coasts say we should live. I don’t want them to make the rules for me. I Obama doesn't salute the flagsay Merry Christmas, believe in Easter, put my hand over my heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and tear-up at a military parade or when the jets fly over on Independence Day. The liberals think what I do is silly, old-fashioned and unsophisticated. Or as Michelle Obama said, “All this for a damn flag!”

YES!!! It’s called being a Patriot and loving my country … and I WANT IT BACK!

* Obama won 51% of those who voted, but those voters equaled only 28% of the electorate. Having support of slightly more than a quarter of the electorate is NOT a mandate.


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