A bright welcome for hummingbirds

Do you like to feed hummingbirds? In addition to providing the sugar-water in feeders, there are several plants that they like as well. The plants have tubular flowers and usually are red in color.

Last summer I planted Bee Balm. It didn’t grow much during the summer and didn’t flower at all. However, this spring it came up over a much larger area and grew and grew and grew! It finally flowered this week and I love it. The tiny birds seem to like it as well.
bee balm
I only purchased one plant from the nursery. That small plant became the 2-foot round display in the above photo. It’s about 3-foot tall. I may have to divide it next spring if it spreads too much. Not visible yet in the photo below, are three white phlox plants that will soon provide a nice contrast. In the days since I took this photo, even more flowers have opened up and it’s proving to be a very showy plant. So far, I really recommend it.

perennial plants

The plant in the foreground is a Pieris Japonica which is an interesting evergreen plant that constantly changes color. New leaves start out red then change to green. In the fall, leaves turn bronze. Lily-of-the-valley style flowers bloom in the spring.

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