1 Million Patriot HOGS

muslim protestVarious events were planned yesterday to remember the tragedy of 9/11/01. One of the controversial events was a “Million Muslim March” to be held in DC on the National Mall. Fortunately it totally fizzled with only 21 people participating (see red circle).

To counter the muslim march, Harley Davidson bikers (HOGS) decided to ride thru DC to show USA solidarity and to override any chants, prayers and provide visible display of America’s Patriotism and remembrance of the victims who died as a result of muslims flying planes into our buildings.

The last count that I saw for the bikers was “over 1 million”. Many people posted photos and videos on Twitter. It was quite a site and I loved the throaty roar of the Harley engines. It made me proud to see so many people take a stand for what our country used to be and for Free Speech (DC had refused to grant the bikers a permit, but issued one for the muslims).

Since the MSM (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN) didn’t cover the bikers, I hope you enjoy seeing some clips that were on Twitter.

Remember … Harley Davidson is a Made In America product.

Million Bikers in DC

Million Bikers in DC


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