No-o-o-o … I’m not ready for 2016!

We’re about to start hearing the media go into full propaganda mode for the 2014 mid-term elections. But that’s not stopping them and the political parties to also be touting “chosen ones” for 2016.

Obama has been the least qualified POTUS in my lifetime. If America survives his tenure, we need to be a whole lot more careful in selecting someone in 2016. One of the complaints against Obama is that he had no prior managerial or executive experience. No experience managing people or implementing governing strategies. His unwillingness to develop good working relationships with people has been a serious detriment to him being able to effectively govern.

Looking at the background of the previous 9 Presidents, back to JFK …

  • Eight served in the Military giving them team training when working/managing people and discipline. 7 of the 8 were in the Navy (JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush 41, Bush 43). Reagan was in the Army.
  • Four were state Governors, where they had to work in bipartisan mode and had to balance budgets. (Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush 43)
  • G W Bush is the only POTUS to have an MBA.
  • Ford is the only one to have never been elected to his position as VP or POTUS. He became VP after Spiro Agnew resigned and President after Nixon resigned. He did play football for U of Michigan … so there’s that. 😛
  • Five were Republicans, 4 were Democrats.

I’m inclined to favor having a Governor for President. A Gov has to implement programs to create jobs and grow employment by attracting business. They need to work in a bi-partisanship manner to get their programs accepted. States are required to have balanced budgets, since they can’t print money. They feel the full effect of a big Federal government and the costly regulations the Fed implements. The responsibilities of a Governor makes the person more well-rounded in all aspects of governing, similar to the duties of a POTUS.

Stock up on your popcorn … it’s likely to get pretty wild in the next year or two!







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