2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

Are we ready for the 2016 political games to begin? The GOP has many qualified potential candidates being discussed. The initial disagreement will be candidates from “The Establishment RINOS” vs the conservative side of the party.  The conservatives point out that the last two elections offered up moderate or RINO candidates – and they lost!

One subject that may be debated is the citizenship qualification to be President. Obama’s birth certificate has never been verified nor whether his Indonesian citizenship was revoked, leading people to question his seemingly anti-American position in many of his desired policies. That citizenship qualification is certain to be debated for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal. They all have parents that were born in other countries, leading questions to their total allegiance to America even though they are U.S. citizens.

  • Ted Cruz was born in Canada but has/had dual citizenship since his mother was born in U.S. His father was born in Cuba. Earlier this year, Ted gave up his Canadian citizenship.
  • Marco Rubio was born here, but both parents were born in Cuba.
  • Bobby Jindal was born here, but both parents were born in India.

After Obama’s weak background of no management experience, many people are saying we need to elect a Governor to get us out of the mess we’re in. Governors in effect run small countries and must negotiate well with both parties in order to balance budgets – a requirement for the states. We need their executive experience, plus it’s very easy to check their record for success or failure. Much of the credit Obama takes for jobs and unemployment rate, came as a result of hard-working GOP Governors such as Rick Perry, John Kasich and Scott Walker.

I prepared this graphic to illustrate the differences/similarities of the people that “may” be considering a presidential run. Eventually I can “x-out” names as they go away or implode between now and 2016.

2016 GOP candidates

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