Can Obama “alert” your phone?

A couple weeks ago I gave up my decade long use of Blackberry phones. It was a tough decision, but my old 3G phone was acting up plus there were a couple apps I wanted that I couldn’t load to the Blackberry.

So I got an Android. As I was removing all the Google apps – not an easy task – I came across one app called EMERGENCY ALERT.

Emergency Alerts app

Click to enlarge

There are 4 alerts but only 3 can be ‘checked’ or ‘unchecked’. You’ll notice in the photo that the top alert is ‘grayed-out’ meaning I can’t choose to unclick it. It says: Presidential alert – Mandatory alert.

Think about the times we might get an alert from the current Prez.

  • Nuclear war from Iran, Russia or Korea – kiss your arse goodbye!
  • An alert that he’s set up martial law.
  • An alert that he’s now the Dictator.
  • Distribute propaganda.

I tweeted about this and received a number of comments from people who DID NOT like this. The I-Phone people said they had the Emergency Alerts app but that the Presidential Alert wasn’t on their phone. I guess Obama has more influence with Google than with Apple.

The reason this is so disturbing is that we have lost so many of our freedoms with Obama’s tenure and those of us who read “1984” see this as an another intrusion. I hate to think how the FCC’s Net Neutrality Law will control what we can see and write!!






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