Stop those #!@%&# bogus spam phone calls

Do you get those bogus spam phone calls where no one answers? I used to get a lot of them when I had a Blackberry and a business number. These are the calls with an area code you don’t recognize. When you answer, there is either dead air or it’s a mad womanspammer wanting personal info. With the Blackberry, I was unable to download a call-blocker to hang up on them. So I assigned them a name of ‘Spam’ and eventually I had nearly 100 numbers so identified so I wouldn’t answer when they called.

I now no longer have a business number so it’s only my cell phone. The number of bogus calls has lessened but not stopped. Now that I have an Android phone, I checked into the various call blocker apps. Someone on Twitter had suggested “MR NUMBER“. Since it was free, I downloaded it.

It’s been GREAT! I entered – and continue to enter – the bogus numbers as they call. “MR NUMBER” not only stops the numbers I entered, they also identify known spam numbers and block them. Another feature I like is that I can choose to send the call to voice mail or to simply hang up. I wanted the hang-up feature since I didn’t want voice mail indicating they reached a ‘real’ number. It offers other features as well.

If you have trouble with these spam phone calls, you might want to check out this app.

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