Dems Weak for 2016

I’ve written about the many potential candidates for the Republicans. So to be “fair” let’s consider the potential Democratic candidates.

Hillary - what difference does it makeMuch has been made of a Coronation for Hillary with no rivals. That may change as more and more is known of the curious donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign countries possibly wanting favors from her position at the State Dept. There are also investigations going on regarding her emails being stored in her home rather than on government servers and her deletions of 30,000 of those emails. The Clintons have had many such scandals in their entire past, so she may survive these as well. UPDATE: It’s just been reported that Hillary had her server totally wiped clean of her emails AFTER she received the subpoena, which is illegal.

Elizabeth WarrenThe extreme far left portion of the party want Elizabeth Warren to run. She’s the one that some people call “Fauxchohauntus” because she wrongly claimed to be part Indian due to ‘high cheekbones’. She’s also known for her agreement with Obama that “you didn’t build that … the government did”.

Next we have Uncle Joe, the current VP. With all his gaffes, few take it seriously that Joe will run but his name is being bantered about. He provides many laughs as VP but not sure we want that trait in a POTUS.
Creepy Uncle Joe

Al Gore frozenWhen Hillary began to implode, some people even threw out Al Gore’s name. Remember him … he invented the Internet! He also leaves his mega-$ mansion to fly in one of his planes to tell Americans they need to reduce their carbon footprint to prevent global warming.

The next year should be LOTS of fun!!!!


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