Fun Week for Political Junkies

If you’re into politics, this was an “interesting” week.

  • Hillary announced her 3.0 campaign on Roosevelt Island to a nearly all-white crowd. Hillary white crowd The overflow area was totally empty and the press corps was confined behind a “cage”. She outlined all the progressive talking points to give everybody everything with no explanation on how it would be paid for. She even chastised hedge fund managers with no mention that her son-in-law is one. (can you say awkward family dinners!)
  • Jeb Bush finally made his candidacy official. Jeb logoHis logo was revealed but it only contained his nickname – NOT his famous last name. The most noteworthy portion of his speech was that part of it was said in Spanish. Otherwise, not much buzz.
  • The real buzz was Donald Trump’s announcement.Donald Trump Presidential speech Twitter and the media went crazy. The TV pundits primarily joked about his candidacy, saying he can’t possibly win. But average people on Twitter liked what he said, citing it was what they are saying. One thing for sure … The Donald will make the race for POTUS much more exciting! Oh, and he’s RICH in case you didn’t know. Actually taxpayers may save some money since Milania can pay for her own vacays, unlike Michelle who tours the world on our dime.
  • Regarding polls: the Socialist Bernie Sanders is creeping up on Hillary in the polls as her favorability ratings decline due to her scandals on Benghazi, Clinton Foundations questions, and deleted emails on personal server.
  • Regarding polls: Dr. Ben Carson, the neurological surgeon, is moving up in the polls and in one poll is actually #1. However, most polls show no Republicans have a strong winner yet, with most being within the error rate.
  • Regarding polls: Today I read that a poll in swing states actually show Hillary being beaten by several GOP candidates. That’s new news!

Here’s my newly revised 2016 GOP Presidential chart updated for this week:

2016 GOP Candidates

Click to enlarge

Stay tuned as the fun continues!







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