Hold our politicians accountable!

Our representative politicians are about to go on vacation and return back to their districts. Chances are they’ll have some meet-ups with their constituents. Now’s your opportunity to become informed in case you manage to meet one of your reps.

Visit Heritage Action’s website where you can view their SCORECARD to see how the politician voted for various bills. If your rep didn’t vote as you would like, then you’re better prepared to challenge them as to why they voted as they did.

To see how Ohio’s House Representatives and Senators voted on the issues, click here. Once there, click on each person’s name to see their vote for the bills. There are two columns … one shows Heritage Action recommendation and the second column shows how the person actually voted.

The following chart shows the overall score for Ohio’s U.S Representatives and U.S. Senators. The average score for all House Republicans is 67% and the average score for all House Dems was 15%. The average score for all Senate Republicans is 68% and 7% for Senate Dems.

Name Party Score
Rep. Jim Jordan R 96%
Rep. Brad Wenstrup R 83%
Rep. Steven Chabot R 78%
Rep. Bob Gibbs R 74%
Rep Bob Latta R 74%
Rep Jim Renacci R 65%
Rep. Dave Joyce R 54%
Rep. Bill Johnson R 49%
Rep. Pat Tiberi R 49%
Rep. Steve Stivers R 44%
Rep. Mike Turner R 36%
Rep. Tim Ryan D 22%
Rep. Joyce Beatty D 16%
Rep. Marcia Fudge D 16%
Rep. Marcy Kaptur D 16%
Sen. Rob Portman R 35%
Sen. Sherrod Brown D 7%

NOTE: Speaker John Boehner is not included since as Speaker, Heritage does issue a score for him.


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