Get the popcorn, chips & booze ready …

Are you ready for Thursday night? The first GOP debates will be on Fox News. The TOP 10 contenders in an average of national polls will be in a debate beginning at 8:50pm. The remaining 7 contenders will debate earlier beginning at 5:00pm.

Since The Donald is apt to dominate the Top 10 debate, the earlier 5:00 debate could actually be more informative. It “may” include Governor Rick Perry, Governor Bobby Jindal and Carly Fiorina … all three are strong candidates.

The Top 10 group will be the most fun as we wait to see whether Trump throws grenades at other candidates, or behaves as a Presidential candidate should. I’ve heard there are “drinking games” being planned for whenever Trump says he’s rich. Whether he actually gets into the specifics of his plans – versus just one-liners – we’ll have to wait and see.

 I’ll be listening for their positions are three issues:

  1. Uphold The Constitution (Supreme Court appointees, repeal Obama’s illegal EO’s, religious freedom, 1st and 2nd Amendments, State’s rights)
  2. National Security (Iran nuke deal, fighting ISIS, border security, deportations)
  3. Economy (repeal ObamaCare, income tax reduction, regulations that deter businesses, reduce size of government & freebies)

What I DON’T WANT to hear are personal attacks by Trump aimed at others on the stage.  I’m picking someone with the stature to be a President, not a reality show star!


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