Do Your Homework On 2016 Candidates

Well, the Fox News GOP Debates are over. The 5:00 debate was handled well, was informative, with probing questions being asked of all candidates. It was handled professionally, the way a debate should be. The 9:00 debate ………. well, it was entertaining but not very fair and not a “good” debate.

  • The moderators took 31 minutes of face time! They should have given some of that time to the 10 candidates. We were watching to see the candidates, not the moderators.
  • The candidates did not get equal time vs others. Trump got 10 minutes while others got only half that.
  • Thanks to Trump, it became even more of a side show over the weekend.

If you’re interested in learning more about the candidates, there is a good website, Conservative Review,  that provides complete profiles of each and has a Scorecard that rates each on their prior Conservative values. The profiles of each are quite extensive so you can learn a lot about what they’ve done in the past. As Governor Perry says, “it’s show me, don’t tell me“.

Conservative Review rates them on 11 important issues. They are given a Green dot for Good; Yellow dot for Mixed; and a Red dot for Bad.

  • The candidates with the most Green dots were: Cruz (10), Jindal (7), Rubio(7), Paul (6), Perry (5)
  • The candidates with the most Red dots were: Graham (8), Christie (7), Fiorina (6), Huckabee (6), Santorum (5), Trump (5)

I suggest you read the profiles to determine whether the rationale for the particular rating is an issue that is important to you.

This will be an important election in 2016 so we need to do our homework this time. It will take a strong leader to get us out of the mess we’re in!


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