Granny get your gun!

Have you heard that Obama has been the top salesman for gun manufacturers. Every time he tries to take guns away from a specific group, or tries to ban a specific weapon, then gun sales increase. It angers me when I hear someone want to control gun ownership and they have bodyguards surrounding them. YOU FIRST!!!! Get rid of their gun-carrying bodyguards THEN tell us we have to give up guns.

The last four months have seen record background check requests. (These numbers don’t indicate gun sales since a person can buy multiple guns with just one background check.)

  • MAY: 1,580,980 – an increase of 100,000 over May 2014
  • JUNE: 1,529,057 – an increase of 150,000 over June 2014
  • JULY: 1,600,832 – an increase of 200,000 over July 2014
  • AUGUST: 1,745,410 – an increase of 200,000 over August 2014

Earlier this summer, Obama made a statement that he would like to “TAKE” guns away from anyone receiving Social Security if they “can’t balance their checkbook”!

I decided it was time for me to arm myself because America is becoming a really crazy place, so I signed up for a beginner’s training course at Blackwing Shooting Center. Class size was limited due to indoor shooting lanes, so there were only 10 of us taking the 3-hour course. Six of the 10 were like me … senior citizens. Glock 19 Gen 4

I’ve done LOTS of research, watched LOTS of videos comparing brands, and rented my final two choices several times to make sure I liked and could handle the gun comfortably. I passed the background check and now am a proud gun owner. I’ll be in the statistics for September!

PROTECT OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT because it protects your 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT!

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