Track your politicians

Many Americans are really disgusted with the people they send to DC to represent them. It seems when they get there, they vote as the special interest lobbyists want them to vote. If they don’t do as the lobbyists want, then they lose those donor dollars. They’re confident that voters don’t really pay attention to HOW they vote on the issues or will forget by the time the next election comes up.

That anger is being reflected by the current 2016 Presidential Candidates that are currently leading, even on the Democrat side. At the beginning of the year, we were excited about the strong GOP bench of very successful Governors. Well, that didn’t happen. Now we have leaders who have never served in political office. Time will tell whether they stay in the lead or whether they would make a good President.

Early this morning at 3:00am, the Senate – under the “leadership?” of Sen. Mitch McConnell – they approved the horrendous 2-Year Budget bill which adds TRILLIONS more to our debt. Naturally all the Senate Dems voted for the Obama/Boehner Budget. But 18 Republicans also voted for it. Notably Sen. Lindsay Graham and his crony friend Sen. John McCain voted FOR the Budget. Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown voted FOR it, while Sen. Rob Portman voted AGAINST it.

Conservative Review rates politicians according to their votes that follow the Constitution and Conservative values. The following chart shows the current ratings for Ohio’s Representatives and Senators. If you don’t like your representative’s score then call or write them to express your feelings. I know I don’t like my Rep’s score … Pat Tiberi!

Name Party Score Term Ends
Rep. Jordan R A94% 2016
Rep. Chabot R B81% 2016
Rep. Latta R D66% 2016
Rep. Wenstrup R D62% 2016
Rep. Johnson R F55% 2016
Rep. Renacci R F 55% 2016
Sen. Portman R F53% 2016
Rep. Gibbs R F51% 2016
Rep. Turner R F48% 2016
Rep. Tiberi R F46% 2016
Rep. Joyce R F42% 2016
Rep. Stivers R F37% 2016
Rep. Fudge D F23% 2016
Rep. Beatty D F13% 2016
Rep. Ryan D F12% 2016
Rep. Kaptur D F8% 2016
Sen. Brown D F8% 2018

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