Troubling times ahead

The past couple weeks have been troubling. Last Thursday, Obama said he had ISIS “contained”. The next day over 100 Parisians were slaughtered and around 300 were injured by ISIS terrorists.

Later, Obama did a Q&A presser at the G20 Summit in Turkey where he mildly discussed the Paris massacre but showed anger when reporters pressed him on his “strategy”. The 45 minute presser was generally panned by most who tolerated viewing it as a complete disaster. It was an embarrassing display for a World leader, but especially for America. Putin called him “a child”.

The next day he did another Q&A presser in the Philippines that was equally AWFUL. Media referred to him as petulant, child-like, vindictive, psychotic, and again a true embarrassment for America.  The way he said snarled when saying the word “Christian” in the second presser was most disturbing.

muslim brotherhood in WhitehouseOver the years, many people have believed Obama is a muslim or at least sympathetic to muslim ideology. There are several members of the Muslim Brotherhood working on his staff, including Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, his personal handler. While Obama was growing up in Indonesia, he attended the required muslim school studying the koran. In his book, he said the sound of evening prayers was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Many of his comments, since he’s been overseas, have made his muslim sympathies so painfully obvious that it is causing a great deal of concern now that he is not only UN-American but is ANTI-American. His big push to bring thousands of Syrian refugees (who may be infiltrated by ISIS) to America seems to violate his Oath of Office to protect our National Security. Why would a President do this?

Mohammed encouraged his followers to take over countries via immigration (called hijra). Once they grew in numbers, they would take over and instill their beliefs (sharia law). Is that what Obama is assisting in America?

Sean Hannity posted a video compilation of all the times Obama has promoted Islam. It leaves little doubt where his sympathies lie, and it’s NOT Judeo-Christian America!

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