Americans are buying guns … lots of them!

Twitter folks have given Obama a new moniker … Prezzy Stompyfoot to reflect his often childlike tantrums during pressers when he’s not getting his way. This week he did it again during his rant on gun control. Again he blames the gun rather than the people committing the crime. Someone said that’s like blaming planes for flying into the Twin Towers!

As usual, he’s prone to lies in order to push his political agenda. His big lie during his speech was that guns bought online don’t get a background check. Apparently he doesn’t bother to check the laws. Yes, you can buy a gun online but the LAW requires that the gun be shipped to an FFL dealer (Federal Firearm License). When the purchaser goes to the dealer to pick up the gun, he must complete the background info paperwork so the dealer can submit it to the NCIS computer check. The purchaser must pass the background check just like a person buying a gun from the gun store. Obviously the law doesn’t fit Obama’s agenda so he conveniently ignores the facts. “You can keep your doctor“.

Whenever Obama mentions gun control, guns sales increase. He’s been called “the BEST gun salesman EVER“. Sturm Ruger and Smith & Wesson stocks have increased over 900% since Obama took office. Glock, which is one of the most popular handgun brands, is not publicly traded so who knows what its sales are. There is no data that records the total number of guns sold. I’ve heard people refer to Americans owning 300 million. The only tracking data is via the FBI’s NCIS background check requests. Those requests are breaking records!

The end-of-year numbers are now posted to the FBI’s website so I updated my previous posts’ graphs. They reflect people’s fear of what is happening in America. People are afraid. The Mideast is in turmoil. Obama and DHS are moving muslim refugees into communities during the night by transport planes. FBI has said they can’t guarantee that these refugees aren’t ISIS. Even if they aren’t ISIS, their belief in Sharia Law is incompatible with our laws. Germany’s nightmare New Year’s Eve assault on women by 1000 refugee men is a reminder of that. The San Bernardino police were there within 5 minutes, but it was too late. As someone said on Twitter, he “carries a gun because a cop is too heavy”. The record number of background checks is indicating that a lot of other people feel the same way.

NCIS Firearm Background Checks by Year for Nation

NCIS background checks by Yr

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NCIS Firearm Background Checks for Nation 2014-2015

NCIS background checks by Month

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NCIS Firearm Background Checks for Ohio 2014-2015

NCIS background checks for Ohio 2014-2015

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NCIS Firearm Background Checks for Ohio since 2008

NCIS Ohio by Year since 2008

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