Where does your candidate rate?

Did you watch the New Hampshire debate last night? Have you picked your candidate or are you like millions who are undecided? I’m one of those people who knows more who I “don’t like” than who I “definitely” want. This is a really important election since the future – or demise – of America will hinge on it.

Conservative Review provides an analysis of the candidates positions on various key issues, then scores them based on adherence to conservatism and The Constitution. The chart they offer shows the candidates in alphabetical order. In the following graphic, I reordered them according to the number of ‘good’ ratings to the number of ‘bad’ ratings. You can see the definition of the issues and the rationale for the rating on CR’s website here. Then follow along for your candidate as they move through the primary process.

Conservative Review scorecard for 2016 Candidates

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