What’s with Hillary’s health?

It’s no secret that Americans are really unhappy with the two candidates running for President. Both have extremely high unfavorables. Good or bad, Twitter provides “news” that often isn’t covered by the mainstream media. The past few days much of the Twitter focus was on Hillary’s health. We all remember her fall a few years ago which resulted in a blood clot and the need to wear the special thick glasses. More recently her debilitating coughing fits during speeches has been questioned. People and Doctors began to question what was wrong with her. Was it due to her hypothyroidism? Is the blood clot causing seizures? Has she had mini-strokes that cause her to be unsteady?

Here’s a recent photo showing Hillary needing assistance going up the stairs.
Hillary needs help with stairs

Then there is the photo of a man (right side below & left of HRC above) who seems to be always close by. He was thought to be Secret Service, but that’s been debunked and he’s believed to be some type of medic. The discussion about this photo is the object in his left hand. Enlarged photos indicate it is some type of medical injector.

During one of her rallies, a group of protestors caused a strange reaction from Hillary. Watch her eyes as she seems to go into a trance (some say seizure reaction to sudden stress). The medic guy tells her “it’s OK”, rubs her back to soothe her (bring her back?), tells her to keep talking then shoos away the Secret Service guys. It was an odd sequence. (UPDATE: It was noted today, 8/16, that the medic handler has not been seen with Hillary since the brouhaha around this event.)

This photo shows three aides assisting Hillary as she speaks to an outside crowd. The dark-suited man supports her with both hands. More hidden is a blond gal behind Hillary with the gal’s left hand under Hillary’s left elbow. The tan-suited guy is preparing to assist her, but harder to see is the black bag on his left side under his jacket. He also has a medi-pen in his left hand.

Hillary Supported by 3 Aides

Click to enlarge

While all of these questionable instances would not be a concern individually, when considered together along with other strange actions it seems to be reason for concern. We need to learn the truth about Hillary’s medical exam, and we need the truth about Trump’s psycho exam.

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