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Vote Murph for President 2012

I’ve finally decided to endorse a candidate for President 2012. The current four candidates are severely flawed so I support the third party candidate from The Kibble Party.

Vote Murph for President 2012

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I’ve interviewed him personally and here’s what I learned:

  • He was born in the USA and has actual papers to prove it.
  • He’s not going to change the U.S. Constitution because he doesn’t even know what it is.
  • He’s been neutered so he doesn’t care about birth control. Believes you’re free to do your own thing.
  • He’s not going to tell you which vet or medical plan you must use.
  • He supports a ban on toys and food made in China, especially those made for dogs and cats.
  • He’s a strong supporter of freedom … free to sleep on the couch or bed; free to take long naps; free to chase rabbits or cats; free to eat human food.
  • Regarding foreign policy, the only bombs he has are laying in the backyard.
  • Only blames his parents for his “short-comings”. Won’t blame everyone else when he gets in trouble.


Dog Parents … Avoid Treats Made in China

Yesterday at the grocery, I “almost” bought a package of chicken jerky strips for The Murph. Then I happened to notice that they were Made in China, so I put them back on the shelf. The treats I reluctantly bought were “Distributed by Kroger“. Now I know from my former Marketing career, that manufacturers are permitted to use this ‘distributed’ type of label if the product or components were made in several countries and sometimes packaged in the USA. So there is a possibility that the treats I purchased could in reality use ingredients made in China.

Today on Twitter, this China alert was noted by a local news station. It linked to a Cleveland article about a chicken jerky product that has caused some kidney problems in dogs. Click here to read the complete article.

I also wish we could buy pet toys that were made in USA. I worry that the current toys available – which are all made in China – could also contain harmful ingredients. Maybe I should buy a couple of socks and make my own toys but I likely will have trouble finding Made in USA socks!

The “Best” Vets in Delaware County!

Murphy, the dachshund, OhioMurph gave me a real scare about 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden he was very sick. Listless, not jumping, not eating, didn’t bark, just slept. I had no idea what might be wrong but suspected it might be a reaction to some “all natural, freeze-dried” food that I had given him a couple of days before. (it wasn’t that)

I took him to the vet. By this time his fever was over 105°.  They decided he needed to stay at the hospital so they could check for ecoli, salmonella and possibly a tick infection. They did X-rays in case he had done something to his back – a real problem for doxies since their vertebrate is a little different from other breeds. They also took blood for a complete blood test.

After a couple of days when there was no improvement, they asked me to bring some chicken to see if he would eat for me, plus it might be helpful for him to see me so he would know I hadn’t abandoned him. He ate the chicken and since his fever was down almost to 102° they thought it might be best if he came home where he would be more comfortable.

The following day, we received the blood test results. His white cell count was extremely low and his platelets were so dangerously low that he was at risk of dying from internal bleeding. The Dr’s words became a blur after that but I heard “OSU, transfusion, marrow transplant, $5,000, might not work, euthanasia”.

The tests the Dr had done ruled out the ecoli, salmonella and ticks. We wracked our brains as to what changed in his life that could have caused this sudden illness. In late August he was put on phenobarbitol for some epilepsy seizures he had one day. This normally safe drug can have a side effect in rare cases where it can deplete the white cell count. Ah-ha!

He was immediately taken off the phenobarb and given a couple of types of antibiotics to protect him from infection since his white cell count wasn’t sufficient to do that. After about 3 days, I began to notice some improvement. Little by little he continued to respond. After nine days, he seemed well enough to have another blood test taken, although the bleeding risk from the needle was unknown.

That test showed that the platelets were back to normal so the bleeding risk was gone. His white cell count had improved but not yet quite to the normal range. The difference was enough to feel that the phenobarb was definitely the culprit. It’s now been three weeks and externally, he seems back to his normal fiesty self.

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, Powell OH 43065While this has been a somewhat costly endeavor, I’m so glad the Dr kept exploring and making phone calls to various specialists, keeping me updated with frequent phone calls. I know that not all Dr’s would have done this and instead merely suggested euthanasia – and I would have needlessly lost my little buddy.

I began going to Best Friends in 1987 when I took my first Dobie there as a puppy. They cared for my next two Dobes throughout their lives. They’re now caring for The Murph in their new Powell location and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for totally caring group of qualified veterinarians.  I especially appreciate Dr Riggs and Dr Latimer. I also appreciate their asking for people’s well wishes for Murph on their Facebook page.  Just like their name, they’re the BEST!

Oh, the trouble of finding a “good” hiding place

Whenever The Murph is given a special Iams treat, he behaves like the Travel Insurance TV ad where the white dog “worries” about the safety of his buried bone. Murph carries HIS bone upstairs to bury it in a love seat, then brings it back down to bury it in the bed, then carries it to his daytime bed, then repeats this for about a half hour. I’ve no idea why he only does it with this one type of treat, but then who know what goes through their little minds. 😉

The wheels on the bus go round & round …

Or in this case, it’s The Murph who is going round & round. The first time he jumped into this new chair, he wasn’t too sure what was happening. But now he’s doing it for entertainment.

The Murph found a video …

I should know better than to allow The Murph to use my laptop. He found this video on YouTube and insisted that I add it as a blog post. I suppose now he’ll want to take dancing lessons! Of course, he could probably be really good doing the Limbo.