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The Murph goes to Alum Creek Dog Park Beach

This 4th of July, it was a hot afternoon and seemed to be a good day to take The Murph to Alum Creek Dog Park Beach. It was very busy with dogs enjoying time in the two fenced areas as well as the enclosed beach area. Murph doesn’t play nice with others, so we stayed outside the off-leash fenced areas. The beach area is better for the big guys because of depth of strong waves.

I took a video of the big guys having a great time in the water. I suspect lots of naps were taken on the ride home … after the towel-off before getting in the car. Nothing quite like the smell of a wet dog! Ew-w-w-w.

Murph went in up to his knees, which means he didn’t go very far. The waves were just a bit much for him. When your legs are only 3″ long, it’s a problem.

It’s “take your dog to work” day

Murph w computerThe Murph is with me most work days, since much of my work is done in my home office. As you can see in the photo, this is the reason my laptop has to be cleaned of dog hair periodically. Most of the time, he naps close by, but then there comes a point when he feels it’s time to pay some attention to him rather than that black thing … hence the photo.

The Real Living HER Powell office is a dog-friendly office. The “assistant” office manager, Carver, is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He’s in the office much of the time, soaking up all the attention from the agents who are all too willing to scratch behind his ears. He’s a real cutie.

Occasionally, other dogs will accompany their humans into the office when the agent needs to stop in for a period of time. It’s really nice working in an office where it’s OK to do that.

The Murph got one of those fun doggy emails titled “A Dogs Daily Diary” so he asked if he could be a guest blogger today. The email also included a cat diary, but Murph decided to eliminate that portion for obvious reasons. So here’s Murph’s “guest blog”:

8:00 am – Dog food!  My favorite thing!
 9:30 am – A car ride!  My favorite thing!
 9:40 am – A walk in the park!  My favorite thing!
10:30 am – Got rubbed and petted!  My favorite thing!
12:00 pm – Lunch!  My favorite thing!
  1:00 pm – Played in the yard!  My favorite thing!
  3:00 pm – Wagged my tail!  My favorite thing!
  5:00 pm – Milk Bones!  My favorite thing!
  7:00 pm – Got to play ball!  My favorite thing!
  8:00 pm – Wow! Watched TV with the people!  My favorite thing!
11:00 pm – Sleeping on the bed!  My favorite thing!


Murph on his Reese's bedWell, that work tired him out, so it’s back to nap time on the special Reese’s pet bed that a blog reader sent to him. It’s a dog’s life!

Local photographer captures pet’s personalities

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve become “acquainted” with an excellent local photographer. Her name is Danielle Neil. All of her photos are terrific, but I most enjoy her pet photography. That shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me. It amazes me how she seems to capture the personality of the dog plus the clarity & detail of the pet’s hair.

You can see what I mean by viewing her pet category on her website or see the latest photos on her blog. If you’re a dog lover, I guarantee you’ll go “aw-w-w”.

Oh, and she does people photos, too! Maybe someday I’ll meet her in real life.

Help Pet Organizations Help Pets In Need

Not every dog leads the comfortable life that The Murph does. They don’t have sweaters or coats to keep them warm when they go outside. They may not have a warm bed to sleep in, but may have to sleep on the cold ground. They may have to go to bed with an empty belly and frozen water bowl.


With the tough economy, people are being forced to turn their pets into the shelters because they can no longer afford to feed or care for their pet. A local pet day care (Camp Bow Wow) is having a donation day tomorrow to assist the Pet Pantry and Columbus Dog Connection to help needy people with pet food and supplies so those people don’t have to surrender their pets for financial reasons.

Take your donations to Camp Bow Wow, 5100 Nike Dr, Hilliard on Saturday, Dec 12 between 10am-2pm. See their web site at for the list of requested items.

The Columbus Dog Connection web site also has a donation page that lists the needs for other shelters in other counties. If you help with Habitat for Humanity, perhaps you can also help with Habitat for Dogmanity by helping to build dog houses for pets without outside shelter, or to give the materials to build such houses.

You can also check these web sites which have “wish list” requests for their shelter animals: Capital Area Humane SocietyFranklin County Animal ShelterDelaware County Humane Society

If you’re like me, you may have leashes, collars, bowls, beds, sweaters, coats, that were used for pets that are now sadly gone. I know I have such items from my three Dobies that are way too big for The Murph. I think it’s time to give them to other pets.

It’s a Happy Birthday day …

The Murph has reached the old age of 5 years old today. He was born June 24, 2004. In celebration, I gave him a couple bites of a Klondike bar without the chocolate coating. He’s been allowed to take his all-day nap … but he does that most days with or without a birthday.

Here’s a photo I took of him as a baby when he first picked me to live with him. Look at those legs. He’s hardly taller than the woodwork.

BabyMurph, the cutest dachshund

HAPPY BIRTHDAY… my little friend


Murphy responds to doxie-killing cop story

The Murph ask to be a Guest Writer for this post.


Mom just told me about a tweet from NBC4 regarding a news story about a Danville VA cop shooting an 11-year old miniature dachshund. The officer was serving a warrant at a neighbor’s home when “Killer” began running toward the officer.

Later, Killer’s owner spoke with the officer who by now was leaning against his patrol car, smoking a cigarette. The officer said “he had to shoot the dog because it was BARKING at him.”

For all the trigger-happy cops out there, here’s an instruction manual on miniature doxies:

  • Dachshunds BARK and we do that very, very well. We have what is called a “sharp” bark. That’s so we can be heard when we’re down in the rabbit hole.
  • Miniature doxies aren’t supposed to weigh more than 11 lbs per the AKC standards. You can kick us away … you don’t have to shoot us.
  • We’re called “ankle biters” for a reason. Have you checked out the length of our legs? At best, we’ll tear a hole in your socks.
  • Our teeth aren’t sharp because we’re supposed to retrieve rabbits without harming the pelt.
  • We try really hard to protect our families and therefore, sound the alert to our loved ones. You, Mr. Cop, were an unknown intruder into the neighborhood. Killer was merely warning his family of potential danger. I do the same thing when the meter reader walks by my back door.
  • Killer was 11-years old. That’s 77 in human years. That’s like the cop that tasered the 72-yr old grandma.

I feel sorry for Killer’s family.