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Is Your Shower Spray Slow?

To continue with my plumbing focus, I purchased a new kitchen faucet and a new faucet for my shower stall. Had a local plumbing company install them since this was beyond my abilities. I love both of the new faucets!
city water crud plugs shower faucet
What I want to alert you to is what we found when the plumber removed the short pipe that holds the shower head. The circle piece is the flange that is flat against the wall. The center pipe then curves downward to hold the spray part of the shower head. Notice the calcium crud that is filling the pipe! That is affecting the water flow coming out of the shower plus it’s just gross!

Once I got over the shock of seeing this crud, I remembered that was the same water I was using to brush my teeth and drink! I use CLR every so often to clean the shower head and faucet aerators but I never though about looking into the pipes delivering the water! So I held a mirror under the two bath faucets to see if they also had the calcium deposits. They did, so I soaked them in CLR also.

I have city water for which I pay $46+ per month. I think residents deserve cleaner water! By the way, my shower now puts out a whole lot more water now!

Thank You Parks & Rec

In June 2011, the City workers replaced some of our missing street trees that were lost to the Emerald Ash Borer years earlier. However, the tree they planted on my property was basically dead and never recovered. The next spring, I called the city and asked them to remove it. They didn’t, so I finally dug it out.

This month the city planted more trees as their budget allowed, but they didn’t replace the tree on my property. So I’m back on the phone … “where’s my tree”? I learned that they didn’t show my property as needing a tree. Since their budget was spent, I wouldn’t get another tree for 5-6 years! I directed the person on the phone to this blog, specifically to the series of articles that I’ve written on this subject. (see photo link in the right column) He said he would review and cover the issue with bosses.

City workers plant new tree

Well guess what! Today I and other neighbors got new trees planted. Sometimes it pays to speak up, but realistically I appreciate the customer service person for carrying the issue forward to the decision-makers. Way to go Parks & Rec!


How does your garden grow?

I’ve been working on my landscaping since I bought my home 16 years ago. At that time, there were only the builder’s 6 bushes and a tree. I’ve had the work done as my budget allows. Two years ago, it was time to redo the front (view that video). Last year I did another video of how that renovation was growing.

Everything is maturing nicely and will provide privacy once I finally decide to have a deck installed – the last of the projects. Here’s this year’s video:


My yard now has attack robins

The robins were making quite a racket this morning. You know, the racket they make when their nest or babies are being bothered. I looked out the window and saw the baby on the ground – hopping – but not quite ready to fly well.

Frequently there is a gray cat that patrols my yard in the morning hunt, often killing the birds. I suspected the Robin parents were upset over this cat, so I sent Murph out to chase the cat away. He promptly got dive-bombed by the parents – something that hasn’t happened to him. He quickly hustled back into the house.

Later in the afternoon, I mowed the back yard and the parents let me know they were upset with me as well so I kept an eye out for the baby because I didn’t want to hurt it with the mower. I finally noticed the baby – well hidden by sitting in the fencing.

baby robin

Sadly, I don’t have high hopes for this little robin’s safety overnight. I really dislike it when people allow their cats to roam outside. I enjoy the birds and the little chipmunks and don’t appreciate the cats using my yard as a smorgasbord. Our city has laws that state that both cats and dogs must be on a leash when off the owner’s property, but “cat people” seem to think the law doesn’t apply to them.

Read about a recent study on the harm cats are doing to the ecosystem.

Domestic cats kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds and up to 20 billion small rodents each year, according to researchers at the Migratory Bird Center of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Little tiny birds can be costly

I have fed birds for years and truly enjoy them all year-long. Their songs are a nice start to the morning and I can count on the cardinals’ special chirp in the evening as they come to the feeder when there is less ‘traffic’. Watching new parents teach their young where and how they can get food from the feeder is fun as the babies are uncertain in managing their wings and balance.

Many of my plants have been installed to provide shelter, nesting, and winter berries. I have two bird baths – front and back – to give them a drink or a bath. In other words, I’ve provided all the necessities via my LANDSCAPING.

So why do they think my HOUSE is part of the package. I had trouble with the birds making nests in the vents leading to bathroom fans. Builders are now adding the cages to these vents but my home was built before they did this. My wonderful neighbor climbed the ladder to install wire mesh to keep them out. Problem solved.

This year I had overflowing gutters. I called Mike’s Roofing to fix overflows in the front and back. The front gutter problem was solved, but the back area still had problems. A guy came out a second time because it seemed there needed to be a seal between the gutter and downspout. He worked on it but it didn’t solve the problem. With this past weekend’s heavy rain, the water was gushing, making a mess in the ground below.

overflowing gutter

Today, two young guys came out again. They knew exactly what to look for. They took apart the slightly horizontal section and found about 2-feet of bird nesting materials blocking water flow!

Now I could spend money to add gutter guards, but REALLY … how much more do I have to spend? I’ve been a good naturalist by providing lots of trees for the birds to build their houses. Don’t they understand they are to leave MY house alone?

Chinch bugs have been defeated

My lawn is still recovering from the onslaught of chinch bugs last summer. Fertilization by Scotts Lawn Service, and some overseeding by me, have helped it recover. By last fall, it had greatly improved. There are still a few small patches that have yet to fill in completely but it’s looking much better than it did.

lawn repaired after chinch bug damage

The area in the foreground (above ↑ photo) looked like this last September (below ↓ photo). I did not reseed this section. It only received fertilizer, so that illustrates the power of feeding to cause the bluegrass to grow new rhizomes for thickening the lawn.

chinch bug damage