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Trump Rally in Lewis Center

I finally checked off a Bucket List item. Saturday I got to see a U.S. President! President Trump came to a local school a few miles from my home. So, of course, I had to go! One of my granddaughters joined me. It was a hot day with heat index in low 90s.

The doors were to open at 3:30 with the President appearing at 6:30. We arrived at 11:00 to begin standing in the queue. A gal in front of us counted the number of people in front of us. She counted 120. (Today I read in a local paper that officials estimated 11,000 were ultimately in line.) We were in the line until sometime around 3:30 when we FINALLY got into the cool school after going through the TSA security check! The heat was brutal!

This media photo shows the extent of the line later in the afternoon. We were on the opposite side of the building so had no idea the line was this long.

Trump Rally, Lewis Center

During the 4-1/2 hours in line we shared fun conversation, umbrellas for shade, and eventually ice packs which quickly melted. Two gals drove over from Dayton. Another gal drove from New Holland. A senior couple were from Westerville. And two early 20s boys drove down from Mansfield. All were excited to be at a “TRUMP RALLY”!

Fun Pic with Prez TrumpThere were gobs of vendors selling #MAGA hats, Trump shirts, Trump buttons, and of course #CNNsucks shirts and buttons. There was a life-size cardboard Trump that we could take a photo with. Of course, local politicians were there to ‘be seen’ and hopefully gain some support for their campaigns.

Once we passed the TSA check, we went into the gym to pick our spot. There are people that direct you where to stand or sit. We chose to sit. I’ve stood at a rally before and know that I’m too short to see over taller people holding their cameras in the air. We got great seats up the bleachers but directly across from the podium. IT WAS GOOD TO SIT!

A neighbor texted me that he saw me on TV. A local station panned the audience then zoomed in on the area where we sat.

Crowd at Trump Rally

Then we waited …….. As the gym filled up the temperature increased as the crowd increased. It wasn’t as bad as outside but it eventually got pretty miserable. (I later chatted with a neighbor who is a fireman/EMT and he said there were between 20-30 emergency runs for people.) To cap it off, the President’s plane was late so he didn’t arrive until 7:15.

Finally President Trump is on stageTrump speaks at Lewis Center rally

The whole day was quite an experience. Lots of nice, polite, friendly folks having a great time waiting to see our President. Aside from seeing the President in person, I also saw Rep Jim Jordan – who got two standing O’s; Rep Jim Renacci (running for Senate); AG Mike Dewine (running for Gov); and even Press Secy Sarah Sanders! One final testament to Conservative-minded people was that we weren’t allowed to take our shade umbrellas in the school so everybody just dropped them in a spot on the ground. I thought I’d have to buy a new one. When we left the event, all our umbrellas were still in the pile. No one had stole them! I was impressed. #OhioProud

The Parade of Homes is coming soon

The 2012 BIA Parade of Homes begins June 16. I drove by over the weekend to see how the building was coming along. As usual, much was in disarray as workers are scrambling to get everything finished in time. Some of the homes have SOLD signs on them already.

2012 Parade of Homes Lewis Center Ohio 

This is the 60th Anniversary of the Parade, so they are celebrating with a theme of “mid-century design” by using some design elements from the 1950’s. Hopefully they won’t use some of that awful striped flowered wallpaper that was popular then. (Yes, my Mom used it along with a fuschia-colored frieze sofa.) Probably won’t see the teeny-tiny TV screens either.

The Parade runs from June 16 thru July 1. It costs $2 per vehicle to park and $12 to enter (kids under 12 are free). The hours are: Mon-Sat 12pm-9pm; Sun 12pm-6pm. There are 12 builders this year: 3Pillar Homes, Compass Homes, Dominion Homes, Fischer Homes, Maronda Homes, M/I Homes, Miller Troyer Custom Homes, Rockford Homes, Silvestri Homes, Trinity Homes, Truberry Custom Homes, and Weaver Custom Homes. The location is off of Lewis Center Rd, just west of Old State Rd in Delaware County.

Go into your attic to get your poodle skirt, angora sweater, penny loafers and bobby socks. Guys … you can wear your Fonzy leather jacket and slick your hair back in a “DA” … assuming you still HAVE hair. 🙂

Golfers … southern Delaware County is YOUR place to be

golfers in southern delaware county ohioToday is supposed to be our first really warm day after a long, cold winter. I expect a lot of people will be hitting the golf courses today. If you live in or near southern Delaware County, you have many courses to choose from to play. Many are semi-private so check first.

If you like the idea of owning a home on a golf course, I can help you with that as most courses are lined with homes.

Here’s a list that I put together of the courses in the southern half of Delaware County. Click on the club’s name to go to the course’s website.

Southwest part of the county – Powell, Liberty Twp area:

Lower southeast part of the county – Lewis Center, Westerville area:

Upper southeast part of the county – Delaware, Galena, Sunbury area:


Delaware County 2010 Census Data Released

The 2010 Census data is out for Delaware County. The county remains the fastest growing county in the state, increasing by 58.4% since 2000. During those 10 years, the population increased from 109,989 to 174,214.

The growth was not evenly distributed throughout the county, however. As I’ve reported here before, the growth and the density is primarily in the southern portion of the county. The new Census confirmed it. The areas in the county with the highest population increases are shown in the map below. Essentially all the area in the lavender box are the high-growth areas.

Delaware County Ohio map

Click to enlarge, click again to enlarge more

  • the Polaris area was up 280%.
  • Concord township region was up 127%.
  • Galena area was up 114%.
  • Genoa Township region up 104%.
  • Orange Township region up 91%.
  • Powell area up 84%.

DATA SOURCE: Delaware Gazette, Staff Writer Kate Liebers

Another home project – ceiling fan installation

I’ve lived in my current home nearly 14 years. I never had a ceiling fan installed even though there was a rough-in for one. After my December makeover, I decided that now was the time.

At the first home I had built, I did the installation. That home also had a 2-story ceiling but the ceiling was flat where the rough-in was. I rented a huge step-ladder, managed to get it home in the sports car I had then, and proceeded to do the installation. For that home I had purchased a Casablanca fan that was heavy. When attached to the extender rod, I couldn’t lift all of it with one hand while making the attachment with the other … and being 14 ft in the air was no thrill either. So I had to go next door to ask my neighbor if I could borrow her husband.

This time I decided to have Lowe’s (Polaris store) do the installation. BTW, I had checked fans at Home Depot but they don’t install higher than 13 ft.

I made a video of the installation. The section of the vid where I speak is hard to see as the light from the windows behind me affected the contrast. Oh well, you don’t need to see me anyway.

View my YouTube Channel for other vids that I’ve made at

Delaware County is a special place to live

New homes in Delaware County Ohio

New homes expanding into farmlands

For the past decade, Delaware County has led as the fastest growing county in Ohio, and one of the top in the Nation. Most of that growth has occurred in the southern half of the county which is primarily serviced by the Olentangy School District, but smaller portions serviced by Dublin, Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley and Westerville schools.

A recent article in This Week News Olentangy reported on the recent release by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission’s annual report of demographic information. Here are some highlights from the news article on the annual report’s findings:

  • The population of the county in the 2000 Census was 109,989. In July 2009 the Bureau estimated the population at 168,708. (up 53%)
  • In 2004, 3411 building permits were issued. In 2009 only 622 permits were issued. The poor economy has had a major effect on the fast growth in recent years.
  • Of the 59,901 households, 44% have elementary-aged children.
  • Of the 108,899 people age 25 and older, 95% have graduated from high school and 48% have a bachelor’s degree.
  • The average household income is $103,382.
  • The average residential home is valued at $253,900.

In the Columbus Board of Realtors MLS system, the county is divided into 5 segments to make it easier for us to search for specific homes. Rt 23 provides the east vs west divider. Rt 36 provides the north vs south divider. When I do a search for single-family homes that have sold so far this year (Jan-Oct), there is a distinct difference in pricing.

  • Southwest (west of Rt 23, south of Rt 36): $386,354 avg price; 9 homes sold over $1 million.
  • Southeast (east of Rt 23, south of Rt 36): $310,602 avg price; 3 homes sold over $1 million.
  • Northeast (east of Rt 23, north of Rt 36): $195,354 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.
  • Northwest (west of Rt 23, north of Rt 36): $180,338 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.
  • Delaware city corp limits in the center: $152,172 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.

Regardless of what part of the county people live in, I think most agree that it’s a great place to live with all the golf courses, the 3 water reservoirs, 2 rivers, the metro parks and, of course, the nationally-recognized Columbus Zoo – which is located here and not in Columbus.