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Canadian Geese Shop in Powell

We frequently see groups of Canadian Geese milling around neighborhood ponds or golf courses. Sometimes they stop traffic as they decide to cross a street, seemingly unaware of the potential to become roadkill. Yesterday I saw a group – gaggle? – of 25 geese at an unlikely place. They were leaving the Chase Bank parking lot, walking toward the construction on Powell Rd. There’s no water nearby as it is all parking lots and stores. Being geese, I wondered if they left “deposits” at the bank. 🙂

Canadian Geese in Powell

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Ohio’s Crime Rate Lower Than Nat’l Average

Columbus’ Business First had a link to a report on Safe Places to Live in Ohio. Although none of Central Ohio’s communities made the Top 20, three were between 20-25. Powell was ranked 21, Marysville ranked 23 and Dublin ranked 25. Upper Arlington ranked 31.

“In terms of feeling secure, Ohio’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average. Between 2013 and 2014, both violent and property crime rates declined with some of the steepest drops occurring in the robbery and burglary categories.”

Glock 19 Gen 4The article said that Ohio’s Crime Rate is significantly lower than the National Average. Although not mentioned in the article, I wonder if Ohio’s open-carry law and the popularity of concealed carry licenses is due somewhat to lower crime rates.

13 of 50 Best Suburbs Are In Ohio

MSN/Money announced their “50 Best Suburbs“. Most of the suburbs were in the Midwest … not surprising to those of us who call the heartland home.

As I was scrolling through the list, I noticed many were Ohio suburbs! In fact, 13 of the 50 were in Ohio. MSN/Money’s criteria evaluated:

  • Population 5000 to 100,000
  • Average commute time
  • Median household income
  • School, poverty & crime rates
  • Availability of affordable housing

The 13 Ohio suburbs were:

COLUMBUS AREA – 3 are in MSN’s Top 10!

Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
UpperArlington 6 95,588 10
New Albany 8 161,374 10
Powell 9 133,133 10
Grandview Hts 16 80,729 8
Dublin 22 114,183 8.67


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Madiera 3 87,232 10
Springboro 10 95,406 9
Montgomery 21 109,779 9
Wyoming 24 95,572 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Monroe Falls 33 8
Hudson 35 116,188 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Bellbrook 49 73,168 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Kirtland 50 85,938 9


2012 Taste of Powell – A Great Event

The Powell Chamber of Commerce sponsored another Taste of Powell where over 20 restaurants featured their favorite dishes for us to test-taste while listening to a band. The annual event is held at the Columbus Zoo at the Water’s Edge pavillion. The weather this year was perfect – a warm pleasant evening.

The 2012 Taste of Powell is Coming Soon – May 3

Taste of Powell Ohio 43065It’s that time again for the yummy Taste of Powell. If you have never attended this event, make sure you do so this year. For only $25 you can sample the finest fare from over 20 restaurants. Actually you can do more than sample if you visit the booths multiple times, but none of us want to admit that we do that, do we.


  • When: Thursday May 3, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Where: Columbus Zoo, Water’s Edge Events Park
  • Cost: $25 per ticket, plus cash bar
  • Music: Derek Dicenzo Trio


The event is put on by the Powell Chamber of Commerce and you can purchase tickets online at their web site. Order tickets. You can also buy tickets at these local restaurants:

  • Culver’s, 4137 W Powell Rd (west of Sawmill Pkwy)
  • Local Roots, 15 E Olentangy St (at downtown 4 Corners area)
  • Vittoria, 10241 Sawmill Pkwy (south of Powell Rd)

If you see me there, stuffing my face, be sure to say ‘hi’.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family

thanksgivingThis is Thanksgiving Week AND it’s OSU-Mich week. If you’re in to shopping, it’s also Black Friday week. Since I’m one of those people who hate shopping, there is NO WAY I would ever go to a store on Friday.

My family has reached the point where we must coordinate Thanksgiving dinners around other grandmas, other in-laws and other “might-be-in-laws-someday”. Bottom line, this year dinner is at my house on Saturday – the day of THE GAME.

This week will be spent getting everything ready … cleaning and planning groceries. My cupboards and fridge are mostly empty throughout the year because I nuke my food. That means I must buy fresh stuff like flour, brown sugar and spices. My girls always check the expiration date because they know I don’t cook or bake anymore.

We don’t do turkey, but prefer a ham from City BBQ. They are so good, we inhale the whole thing. I am also charged with fixing scalloped oysters for my sons-in-law and myself. One of my sons-in-law is a great baker of pies (as well as a great BBQ cook) so his job is to fix a pecan pie or two. My daughters will be fixing the salads, candied yams, and of course, green bean casserole. Naturally there will be other snacks and goodies as well. Hasn’t it been estimated that at the typical Thanksgiving dinner,  people eat between 3,000-5,000 calories?

I’m sure this year the Thanksgiving prayer will include thankfulness that we have jobs, have roofs over our heads, food on the table and that we’re all healthy. Yes, like others, we have recent college grads that aren’t working in their profession and we have others that are working two jobs to pay all the bills, but so far we’re OK, and I’m thankful for that. The main thing is that we have each other. I hope your family can enjoy the holiday.