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The “Best” Vets in Delaware County!

Murphy, the dachshund, OhioMurph gave me a real scare about 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden he was very sick. Listless, not jumping, not eating, didn’t bark, just slept. I had no idea what might be wrong but suspected it might be a reaction to some “all natural, freeze-dried” food that I had given him a couple of days before. (it wasn’t that)

I took him to the vet. By this time his fever was over 105°.  They decided he needed to stay at the hospital so they could check for ecoli, salmonella and possibly a tick infection. They did X-rays in case he had done something to his back – a real problem for doxies since their vertebrate is a little different from other breeds. They also took blood for a complete blood test.

After a couple of days when there was no improvement, they asked me to bring some chicken to see if he would eat for me, plus it might be helpful for him to see me so he would know I hadn’t abandoned him. He ate the chicken and since his fever was down almost to 102° they thought it might be best if he came home where he would be more comfortable.

The following day, we received the blood test results. His white cell count was extremely low and his platelets were so dangerously low that he was at risk of dying from internal bleeding. The Dr’s words became a blur after that but I heard “OSU, transfusion, marrow transplant, $5,000, might not work, euthanasia”.

The tests the Dr had done ruled out the ecoli, salmonella and ticks. We wracked our brains as to what changed in his life that could have caused this sudden illness. In late August he was put on phenobarbitol for some epilepsy seizures he had one day. This normally safe drug can have a side effect in rare cases where it can deplete the white cell count. Ah-ha!

He was immediately taken off the phenobarb and given a couple of types of antibiotics to protect him from infection since his white cell count wasn’t sufficient to do that. After about 3 days, I began to notice some improvement. Little by little he continued to respond. After nine days, he seemed well enough to have another blood test taken, although the bleeding risk from the needle was unknown.

That test showed that the platelets were back to normal so the bleeding risk was gone. His white cell count had improved but not yet quite to the normal range. The difference was enough to feel that the phenobarb was definitely the culprit. It’s now been three weeks and externally, he seems back to his normal fiesty self.

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, Powell OH 43065While this has been a somewhat costly endeavor, I’m so glad the Dr kept exploring and making phone calls to various specialists, keeping me updated with frequent phone calls. I know that not all Dr’s would have done this and instead merely suggested euthanasia – and I would have needlessly lost my little buddy.

I began going to Best Friends in 1987 when I took my first Dobie there as a puppy. They cared for my next two Dobes throughout their lives. They’re now caring for The Murph in their new Powell location and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for totally caring group of qualified veterinarians.  I especially appreciate Dr Riggs and Dr Latimer. I also appreciate their asking for people’s well wishes for Murph on their Facebook page.  Just like their name, they’re the BEST!

Richest Communities in Central Ohio

American City Business Journals, a parent to Columbus Business First, compiled a list of the richest communities. In Ohio, New Albany came in 2nd, Powell is #11, and Dublin is #13. Indian Hill, a suburb of Cincinnati, was #1.

The measurement was the percentage of the population with household incomes over $150,000. Just under half of New Albany’s households have household incomes over that amount. Powell had 36% of households earning over $150,000 and Dublin had 35%.

Read more here. Plus you can search a database for other cities.

Golfers … southern Delaware County is YOUR place to be

golfers in southern delaware county ohioToday is supposed to be our first really warm day after a long, cold winter. I expect a lot of people will be hitting the golf courses today. If you live in or near southern Delaware County, you have many courses to choose from to play. Many are semi-private so check first.

If you like the idea of owning a home on a golf course, I can help you with that as most courses are lined with homes.

Here’s a list that I put together of the courses in the southern half of Delaware County. Click on the club’s name to go to the course’s website.

Southwest part of the county – Powell, Liberty Twp area:

Lower southeast part of the county – Lewis Center, Westerville area:

Upper southeast part of the county – Delaware, Galena, Sunbury area:


Delaware County 2010 Census Data Released

The 2010 Census data is out for Delaware County. The county remains the fastest growing county in the state, increasing by 58.4% since 2000. During those 10 years, the population increased from 109,989 to 174,214.

The growth was not evenly distributed throughout the county, however. As I’ve reported here before, the growth and the density is primarily in the southern portion of the county. The new Census confirmed it. The areas in the county with the highest population increases are shown in the map below. Essentially all the area in the lavender box are the high-growth areas.

Delaware County Ohio map

Click to enlarge, click again to enlarge more

  • the Polaris area was up 280%.
  • Concord township region was up 127%.
  • Galena area was up 114%.
  • Genoa Township region up 104%.
  • Orange Township region up 91%.
  • Powell area up 84%.

DATA SOURCE: Delaware Gazette, Staff Writer Kate Liebers

This ‘n’ That on Groundhog’s Day

Today is Groundhog’s Day. Thank GAWD he didn’t see his shadow so that means we’re to have an early spring. We’ve had a miserable winter since the end of November. Yesterday and today, we’ve been having the HUGE storm that has rolled through most of the Midwest.

The ice and winds have put thousands without electricity. AEP is saying that it may be days for some to have their service restored. With single digit temps forecast, that’s a real danger.

The Murph is a casualty of the ice-encrusted snow. He must have got a hind leg caught in one of his footprints and perhaps twisted a knee. To the Dr we went today. Nothing’s broken but his knee cap is moving so may have a torn ligament. Orders are for pain medication and keep him “quiet” by carrying him up & down stairs or to the outside yard. Now, there is 1-inch of ice on my back deck stairs. I tried to sit down to go down them and immediately slid down each step on my bum to the bottom. Do I really risk ALL my bones to protect a little pea-sized knee cap???? Let’s see … $500 to fix his little knee … $50,000 to fix my body. I don’t think so!

I went to a listing to see if they had electricity. Put one foot on the ground to get out of the car, and down I went again. I think I need to buy those ice cleats that strap on shoes!

On the way home, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. It’s been 3-months now since all these Democrats lost their elections. (Remember, Ohio went back to being a “red state”. ) I’ve been planning to stop to take this photo, but Groundhog’s Day seemed like an appropriate day to finally do it.

Democrats lost big in Nov 2010 in Ohio

Maybe they’re waiting to run again in 2012.

Mitigating for radon in central ohio

I made a video of a recent radon mitigation installation. Since the home had two crawl spaces in addition to a finished basement, the work was more comprehensive than it would be in an unfinished full basement. The crawl spaces had to be sealed with a system to suck out the air coming from the ground below.

If you want to read more about radon, plus see an EPA map of where radon is more prevalent, read my post from 2008: Radon Testing Is Common in Central Ohio

The company that did the work in the video is Radon Systems in Westerville, OH. Call them at 614-891-6526.

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