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Red, White & BOOM! in downtown Columbus

Some members of my family and I went down to see Red, White & Boom! in person last night. The event was celebrating its 30th year. I hadn’t been down there since year 2 & 3. Since then, I’ve watched it on TV. I must say there is nothing like seeing AND hearing it in person.  The reverberations that impact your body are simply awesome.

Some people stake out their “ideal” space early in the day. We didn’t leave to go there until 6:30 pm which at that time of night, we expected to be stuck in traffic. However, my daughter decided to take High St all the way down from southern Delaware County and surprisingly it proved to be a good way to go. My granddaughters, who live in a small rural town, were treated to some of the more “colorful” parts of Columbus between OSU and downtown. At one stop light, a unique odor infiltrated the car. (I was glad to learn they didn’t know what it was.) Needless to say the people’s actions and manner of dress were different than found in their town.

My daughter had purchased space in one of the parking lots, which can be done online. We were just north of the arena district, so it was very handy. As we walked closer to the final event, we were treated to LOTS of good smelling food vendors and various bands. I tried taking videos of the bands on my Blackberry, but the sound volume proved too much for the little microphone.

It took awhile but we finally found a place to sit. I took some video with my Nikon CoolPix, but you have to overlook the street lamp and the vendor tent. 🙂 The prettiest display is about 4 minutes into the display. It seemed to be the crowd favorite, even moreso than the finale.

As an aside, I was disappointed at the number of people who didn’t stand for the National Anthem. Shame on those people. Need to beef-up the patriotism.

Enjoyed a sunny day at Easton Town Center

I went to the Easton Town Center to have lunch with my first-born’s family to celebrate her birthday. I can’t tell you which birthday it is as she wouldn’t speak to me again. All I want to say is that I was only 2 years old when she was born. 😉

I don’t like to shop so I’ve never gone to Easton to shop, although a LOT of people do. Until today, I had only been to Mitchell’s Ocean Club when some clients took me there after we closed on their home (it was WONDERFUL!

Today we went to Bon Vie, which is a favorite of my daughter.

Eggs Benedict from Bon Vie, Easton Town Center, Columbus Ohio

We ate from the brunch menu, so I had Eggs Benedict, although the quiche that others ordered looked very good.

Afterward we walked through the grounds where tons of people were enjoying a very nice, warm day.

Fountain at Easton Town Center, Columbus OhioPeople were casually eating on outside patios at restaurants that offer al fresco dining.

The two water fountains were popular, especially the one where kiddies can cavort in the many upward sprays.

How tempting would it be to “tap” the guy in the black shirt?

One tap and SPLASH!

Fountain at Easton Town Center, Columbus Ohio

Chihuly glass exhibit at Hawk Galleries

This afternoon my daughter, granddaughter, their husbands and myself visited the Hawk Galleries at 153 E Main St in downtown Columbus. My granddaughter is an award-winning sculptress and her husband is a graphics designer, so they were interested in seeing the Chihuly glass exhibit that is on display. There were two other designers displayed as well. What these artists have done with glass is absolutely fascinating.

The gallery encourages taking photos so I took my fair share. They lose some clarity with the Internet upload process, but I think they still look pretty good.

BTW, the brownish art piece that we’re standing in front of, had a price tag of $150,000. We couldn’t find a price tag on the colorful chandelier that the four of them are standing underneath. No doubt it’s beyond the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” category.

We thought the photo of the four of them would make a great Christmas card.

For the best view, click the “Full” screen icon on the lower bar.

Our country is going to the dogs!

Fooled you … this is NOT a political rant! This is just a light-hearted fun post. I decided we could use that on a Sunday morning.

A recent Forbes article discusses America’s love affair with pets, specifically dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the Top 10 breeds are: Yorkie, German Shepherd, Golden, Beagle, Boxer, DACHSHUND, Bulldog, Poodle, and Shih Tzu.

The Murph is pleased to have made the list.

The Forbes article also includes a photo tour of the Top 10 breeds by city. For Columbus, OH the Top 10 are: Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Boxer, Golden, Poodle, Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, DACHSHUND, and Doberman.

As a Dobie lover … I’ve had 3 … I’m glad to see they made the list as well. They made it to the Top 10 in only a few cities, but Doxies made it to the list for most cities.

“The list reflects the times,” says Sarah Wilson, expert for PBS’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs. “These dogs are friendly and happy and love to lie on their owner’s lap. People want a dog that is a companion and that they can cuddle with.”

Anyone who is owned by a dog, knows that special feeling of being greeted at the door by an energetic tail-wagger when we come home from a hard day. They reduce our blood pressure and make us feel really special. Their exuberance is reflected in their whole body … then they go take a nap.

The article went on to say that even in the current economy, spending on pet supplies and OTC medicines is projected to have increased 5.1% last year to $10.3 billion.

Maybe I should tell my daughter – who works for a stock brokerage firm – to move my IRA to the pet industry. Perhaps, I could get back some of the money I’ve lost.

It’s good to be home!

After a day and a half away, I feel as though I’ve rejoined civilization. I was attending the Columbus Board of Realtors® Leadership Retreat which was held near Newark at the Cherry Valley Lodge. While the facilities were nice there was NO – or very limited – Verizon service there. I could only get up to one bar on my phone and my laptop’s aircard wouldn’t work at all. I was able with the one bar on the phone to check email, but couldn’t do Internet.

Can you hear me now? Uh-h-h, NO!

The meeting consisted of the Officers of the Board plus the Chairs of the 30 committees – about 70 people in total. Each of the Chairs reported on the goals of their committee for 2009. The committees are varied and address the many areas of the real estate business … residential agents, commercial agents, programs with builders, programs that assist and/or benefit the public.

I’m the Chair of the Tech Users Committee which is a forum committee for agents to explore and discuss new technology that benefits us in our daily lives. Much of our discussion is about the Internet, web sites, blogs, and other forms of social media to use in marketing homes. But we also share new findings on cameras, smart phones and laptops which are critical to our daily lives. Over the years that I’ve been a member of this committee, the membership has grown substantially because this is such an important aspect of our jobs today. Our highest attended meeting is when Joe Testa, Franklin County Auditor, brings us up-to-date on recent changes to his web site as well as changes made to property assessments.

In today’s session at the Retreat, we had an outside speaker, Ann T. Gallagher, who spoke on the demographic trends of the various age groups known as Veterans, Boomers, Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers. It was very interesting, giving us even more info for communicating with each group.

The Board serves around 6900 members, of which some are affiliates (builders, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, etc) but of course, most are Realtors®.

Here’s a primer on being a Buckeye if you’re relocating here

Let it be known that if you relocate to the Central Ohio area, you WILL be expected to become a BUCKEYE! We’re passionate here about all things Buckeye … especially the football team. So get used to it.

Outsiders may not know what being a Buckeye means, so here’s some things to help you blend in.

The Buckeye tree is our state tree that produces a sorta round brown nut with a cream spot on the top. It obtained its name because it resembles a buck deer’s eye. The nut is supposedly poisonous to eat which is why “that-state-up-north” has some disparaging chants about it being a worthless nut. Never mind what “that-state-up-north” says, we Buckeyes are enterprising and make a delicious candy for game days that looks like the nut, but tastes like Reeses® Peanut Butter Cups.

TBDBITL stands for The Best Damn Band In The Land, and of course, refers to the OSU Marching Band. It’s pronounced “ta-bid’-al”. There’s nothing like being in THE SHOE when the band comes out from the tunnel and 100,000 people stand up to clap and cheer. It’s a spiritual experience and can be known to bring tears to our eyes for the shear magnitude of the response and the pride we feel for our Buckeyes.

THE SHOE is the Ohio Stadium, but it doesn’t look so much like the horseshoe anymore since they closed in the end zone and added on the press box. My fondest memories at The Shoe were the four years I watched Archie play all his home games there. I also went to all the away games that he played at “that-state-up-north”. (I won’t talk about the “yard marker incident” with Woody. Yep, saw THAT, too!)

BRUTUS is the mascot. While I’m sure that the new costume is much easier on the person inside, I have a soft spot in my heart for the original mascot. The original one was a big round fiberglass head with movable fuzzy eyebrows and movable mouth. When times weren’t going so well, that Brutus could frown with a furrowed brow. In the early 70’s, I made my own paper-mache version of that mascot. I had it autographed by Archie & Ray Griffin, Corney Greene, and Anne Hayes when they attended one of our Union County OSU Alumni meetings. It’s one of the few things I own that my daughters intend to fight over after I’m gone.

Shopping For Homes Here: It’s highly likely that you’ll find rec rooms decorated in scarlet & gray with OSU logos and paraphernalia stuck everywhere. You should view these rooms as “adding value” to the home, much like granite counter-tops or hardwood floors. 🙂